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Did you know a Tawny Frog Mouth is not an Owl ?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Come and meet a rescue Tawny Frog mouth (Podargus strigoides) - he is a super friendly, bright eye'd bird that inquisitive and gentle.

People often mistaken him for an owl, but he is a species all on its own ! The difference between the two is theTawny frogmouths prefer to catch their prey with their beaks, they ave fairly weak feet and do not have strong claws to catch their prey. Owls however possess strong legs, powerful talons, and toes with a unique flexible joint they use to catch prey.

A breeding pair often stays in the same territory for more than 10 years, although this little guy doesn't have a lover - he's coupled up with two laughing Kookaburra's, he is hopefully awaiting the arrival of his princess one day!

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