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Chasing Waterfalls with the Professionals - Rainy Season is Here !

The up side for living in the tropics is that we can swim nearly all year round, on the down side there is honestly no point in trying to do your hair or make up (so opt for a natural glam ladies).

It rains for about 1 third of the year, so you also should be prepared to accept the weather the Whitsunday's delivers for the time of year you visit.

Most tour companies like ourselves have adjusted the tour to make it suitable for rain or sunshine, I personally have more fun in the rain. With torrential down falls and large amounts of rain pelting down at any given time, nothing beats the knowledge and safety of having a local guide with you to ensure you are well within your safety limits… They know the area, the roads, the swimming holes, a lot of things, are trained in CPR and First Aid!

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