Social distancing cannot be accommodated our tours and experiences. Uncompromising cleaning and hygiene practices are already a feature of Sacred Voyage Tours. *Refunds are offered to patrons who do not wish to proceed on certain tours only.

*Sacred Turtle Tour has a strict no refund policy - no exceptions


Sacred Voyage Tours provides additional cleaning throughout the tour, sanitising in all vehicles with particular emphasis on high touch points and hard surfaces. We use Government recommended cleaning, disinfectant and sanitation products, routines and monitoring.

As Physical distancing is not possible, our staff will ensure the highest levels of cleaning, hygiene and personal protection options so that guests can still travel with confidence. Patrons are provided with masks, frequent stops at hand washing facilities and an unlimited supply of hand sanitiser.

In cases where patrons have consented to participate without social distancing, the entire tour group is considered a single group for all activities that are part of the tour e.g dining in a cafe.

All guests will be asked to complete the pre-travel ‘fit for travel’ requirements. This will give you, and all fellow guests travelling, an added level of assurance. Sacred Voyage has protocols for when guests or staff become unwell during travel or during an experience. Guests with any symptoms of illness prior to travel will not be able to travel. 

You will not be able to enter the experience if you are unwell, have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in a declared COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 days. Sacred Voyage Tours have the right to refuse service and must insist that anyone with these symptoms will not be able to participate.