Sacred Voyage | Chasing Waterfalls Tour | Australia


The Whitsundays is an enchanted and pristine land, featuring diverse waterfalls.

On this one-day tour, we explore two magical freshwater waterfalls and swimming holes hidden within a serene rainforest, surrounded by awe-inspiring mountain ranges and colourful volcanic rock pools.

*Please note this tour requires some degree of adventure, there is a small river stream to cross, and several stairs to reach the second waterfall.

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Encounter an incredible amount of Wildlife: Brush Turkeys, Kookaburras, Birds of Prey Goannas & Lizards

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Aboriginal culture educational experience

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Navigate through pristine nature reserves

Tour Details

Pick up time 8am

From your hotel or Airbnb 

Your Tour Includes the Following



Transfers from and to your accommodation


Guests will be taken to a local cafe to purchase lunch or guests can bring their own. 

*Forest Flying $90 per person

*Drone photos and video footage of YOUR tour day can be purchased for $55 per tour group

Not suitable for

  • Wheelchair users

  • People who are not comfortable climbing multiple stairs or crossing a river, hopping over rocks.

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Get your cameras ready from some of the most beautiful places in the world!

We spend most of the day in the pristine Eungella National Park known as the “Land of the Clouds” by local Aboriginal tribes, experiencing our largest Waterfalls and Swimming holes, bird spotting, and searching for the elusive Platypus.

Eungella is over 50,000 hectares and is Australia’s oldest and longest stretch of subtropical rainforest! This one-day tour is a tranquil and fascinating excursion that begins with scenic drive inland.

On this day of adventure we visit a variety of waterfalls !

We often see and hear a variety of birds, including the Eungella Honey Eater, found only in Eungella national park! The walks have an abundance of fascinating trees, plants, berries, mushrooms, fungi and all the different shapes and colours on this tour.

There is a 15 minute hike up flights of stairs in the rainforest, it is a steep climb upstairs and across a river, but well worth the climb. The freshwater swimming hole and waterfall is framed by lush rain forests, palms and tree ferns. Most of the time we have it to ourselves! We swim, sunbake and explore.

Optional Extra: Zipline through the rain forest canopy with Forest Flying * $90 per person (must be pre-booked, Terms and Conditions apply)


Aurelien Waterfall 

A 10-15 metre cascade where Finch-Hatton Creek flows into a carved rock pool. Here, we have plenty of free time to swim, explore, spot wildlife, sunbake and relax. You can sit at the viewing platform, lay on a rock in the sun or explore the meandering river stream.  *Please note the water temperature is cool. It is very refreshing in a tropical climate.

Just in case you were wondering! There are no crocodiles, stingers or anything that will harm you in the water stream.


Wheel of Fire Waterfall

A 1.4 km hike from Aurelien Waterfall to the top, it is a steep climb upstairs and across a river, but well worth the climb. It is in the valley of the mountain, framed by lush rainforests, palms and tree ferns! Most of the time we have it to ourselves! 'Wheel of Fire' is a much larger waterfall that cascades the entire face of the mountain and swimming hole that is wide and an array of different depths. Here we  swim, sunbake and explore.



  • * No jumping or diving into the water from heights on this tour

  • 2.8 km return – approximately 2 hours of walking on this tour.

  • Our guides have vast knowledge and experience with all animals in the rainforest, how to track them, and most importantly, how to observe them respectfully without disturbing.

  • There will be plenty of time to just relax, go for a swim in a rock pool or explore the river stream and surrounds.

What To Bring

Swimwear and a towel

Hat and sunscreen

Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes

Insect repellent

Camera (with a waterproof case for the camera)

Jumper or jacket in the Winter

Cash/card for purchases


On a typical tour, we hike through the rain forest and temperatures are between 22-33°C. 


Please Note that we never cancel a tour due to rain or wind, unless it's dangerous to do so, please bring rainproof clothing.

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Would you like to add more of an adventure to your tour?

The Forest Flying eco-tourism experience is set up to allow you to view the rain forest of Finch Hatton Gorge from a unique angle. 


The flying fox is an overhead cable and pulley system up to 25 metres above ground that allows you to travel 340 metres through the rain forest canopy.

Your personal harness and pulley glides along the cable for a serene and educational outing, all with minimal disruption to the habitat. You will have total control of the speed at which you travel along the cable.

The Forest Flying Tour lasts for between one and one and a half hours.

Weather permitting. Booking are essential.

The fully guided session and tour includes:


 • Introduction to Forest Flying (essential safety points and practice cable)

 • Guided forest walk with an informative talk on rain forest plants and bush tucker

 • A ride on the flying fox through the rain forest canopy


Please inform the instructor of any illness or disability that may affect your ability to take part.

The minimum weight to use the flying fox is 30 kilograms and the maximum weight is 120 kilograms. 


Children 10 years old and above can participate, they must be accompanied by an adult.


No special fitness required but Forest Flying is not suitable for infants.


If you can do an average bush walk you can do Forest Flying!


This experience is an extra $90 per person and needs to be pre-booked with Sacred Voyage Tours. There’s no guarantee of availability, bookings will need to be confirmed.